One of the pervasive questions in all of humanity is centered along the concept of identity.  It can best be summarized by the great philosophers of old like Plato and Aristotle who ultimately asked the question, "Who am I?"  This is an important question because what we do in life is dictated by who we are, or who we believe we are.  God created each of us with an identity solely founded in Him, and in order to fully understand who we are we must first know God in Jesus.  The next three weeks we will be exploring the book of Ephesians in order to better understand more about who we are in Christ.


In the book of Daniel, we get a close glimpse into the lives of young people who had to live a unique life, set apart, and unchanged by the pluralistic culture around them within the great nation of Bablyon.  Over the next three weeks we will be looking at the concept of devotion, seeing how Daniel and others lived lives of devotion to God, to the community of God-fearers around them, and to the mission and purpose that God had for their lives.  Ultimately, when we find ourselves in our own "Babylon" we will discover that our devotion to God can only be because of His devotion to us first!

Welcome Back! Let's Get Started!

On this first week of classes, we just wanted to say, WELCOME BACK!

We hope that this past summer was a refreshing and inspiring one for you. It was a great one for us as staff.  Even if it wasn't and you had a more difficult time over the summer, we are so glad you're back and we are really looking forward to reconnecting and catching up with you over the course of the next couple of weeks. We have been praying for you and seeking God diligently about what He is wanting to do in and through all of us at Every Nation over the course of the semester. We are praying “His Kingdom come, His will be done” in all of us and on our campus.

We love you and we will be sending out more updates soon. It is going to be a great semester. We are pumped about another semester of serving you and linking arms with you to make God’s name great on our campus.

Happy 2015, and welcome back to UNC! The best is yet to come!

Life Beyond College

College life is great!  But let's face it, life does not end after you graduate.  If anything life is just beginning, and with so much life left to live how do we navigate the coming years?  Even for those still in school:  How do we develop healthy lifestyles now that will carry over into our lives after college, and more immediately during the summer months away?  As we conclude this school year we will look at the areas of work, relationships, and finances, and how each of these fit into our walk with God as we live our lives beyond the college years.  Join us as we prepare now, for then.